Spraying Makes Sense

There are rapid changes taking place within the construction industry at the moment, and spray application is one of the leading developments.

Spraying Makes Sense

Through efficient systems and advanced technology spray application can reduce your decorators time on-site by up to 50%!  This means you save time and money while still delivering a far superior finish to your clients.

Why Use PaintTech?

Not only are we able to reduce the time on site whilst delivering a superior finish using spray technology we are also able to offer the following benefits as well:

     –  We have created systems to make sure that the time spent on site is the most productive it can possibly be.      –  Using time analysis we split each project into phases and can give projections of time for each phase to be used to schedule projects.      –  We do time motion studies to analyse where time is lost and can be gained to make the team as efficient as possible on site.      –  We have over 20 years experience and have tested most products on the market for durability and touch up ability.

If you answer yes to any of the questions below then email Lyndsey in the office or call Ian on 07973 369872. You can also read on to discover more about why Spraying Makes Sense.

     –  Would your clients like a superior quality finish?      –  Are you a builder that is frustrated by how long it takes to decorate a house?      –  Have you noticed that projects are less productive when there are multiple trades on site?      –  Would you like to know your decorating is being carried out using the most advanced products available?      –  Are you a client that wants to be able to take on more projects in a year?


You will always find someone CHEAPER We will complete your project in a fraction of the TIME We will deliver an amazing FINISH

Don’t you want your project to be guaranteed?


Using our systems, products and methods we can create a finish that is far superior than those able to be achieved using traditional methods. By spraying woodwork, furniture and doors will can also achieve a near factory finish every time on site meaning that the carpenters can build fitted furniture that doesn’t have to be sent away to be painted.


Our time analysis studies prove that spraying is 17 times faster than applying paint a brush and roller. 

Area and surface preparation is undertaken as any decorator would, spray applicators still have to fill and sand. But because the application takes so little time sprayers can wait until other trades have left the site and spray uninterrupted, meaning no dust and debris contaminating wet paint. 

Not only this, but as we are on site for less time, your other tradesmen can work without interruption, making them more efficient and saving you money.


We work very hard to ensure that our pricing is accurate, clear and transparent.  We offer very competitive rates and can provide an initial market quote within 48 hours. When you are happy with the market quote we will then complete a precise and detailed formal quote that outlines the pricing structure as well as the rights and responsibilities of every party. Why not send Lyndsey a set of plans for a project that you have already completed to discover how we compare.


Whether you are a builder, developer, designer or architect, we speak your language.  We won’t try and confuse you, delay or distract you from what’s important on your project. We understand that having a clear paper trail is necessary so that everyone knows where they stand.   We know that you want someone on site that knows what is going on without making phone calls or email. We also know that a chain of command is paramount to ensuring that your project runs smoothly and efficiently.  We understand that you want regular quoting and billing so that there are no surprises.   From initial enquiry to final invoice we want you to be confident that you  have found a turn key solution to your decorating needs.  Just drop Lyndsey an email to find out more about how we can work with you.


This is one of Paint Tech’s key strengths.  Because of our Time Analysis Studies we can very accurately schedule the different projects that we are involved in. We have researched and developed our own systems and structured them into different phases that compliment your projects timeframes.  We know how long every aspect of a project should take and we keep you informed of where we are at all times with graphics and projection spreadsheets.  You know when we are on site and when we aren’t. Your projects can run more smoothly because you can schedule other trades around us, or we can schedule around them.   This means that every trade works more effectively and you save money and time.  Just give Ian a call on 07973 369872 to discuss how we can be of benefit to your next project.


We completely believe in the modern approach to decorating, and are constantly innovating.  Our unique phases are a prime example of this.   These phases can be completed together over the course of an entire project, or individually, with your own team completing the rest. If you want us to complete your mist coats and your team to finish the project, our phases allow for this.  If your project would benefit from having us spray the ceilings, the modern approach to decorating that we take allows for this.  To discover more about how our phases can save you time then email Lyndsey in the office today.


We are constantly working with manufacturers and retailers; locally, nationally and internationally to discover, research and test new paints, products, equipment and techniques.  We are building a community of sprayers that want to innovate and improve processes and systems for spraying and decorating.   You can be confident that we know how to achieve the finest quality finish, with the highest level of durability, using the best products available anywhere in the world. It is our mission to educate and train the construction and decorating industries on the benefits of spraying, and why Spraying Makes Sense.


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We are always looking for dedicated, forward thinking people to join our team, on site and in the office.  If you are interested in working with a team of people that are always learning, having fun and working hard then get in touch today.


In 2016 we will be offering training in all elements of spraying. These courses will be unique in the UK and offer the benefit of our 20 years of experience working in the industry We are not a manufacturer trying to sell to you. We are professional sprayers demonstrating to other decorators why Spraying Makes Sense and how to achieve the best possible business results using the modern approach to decorating.