Aims, Goals and Aspirations for this year

Paint Tech - Picture of a door - Mormac Construction - Welling, KentWe have had a great start to the year so far and have worked with some great contractors. We have recently started working with Zenwave on building our website and blogs to increase awareness in the industry about spray paint technology. We would love to be a resource in the industry to be able to inform Builders, Architects & fellow painters of the benefits of spraying.

We will be putting together blogs throughout the year on various subjects including:

Common Questions asked by clients and Contractors:

Can we touch it up? Is it a better finish than the traditional way? Is it quicker? Don’t you get overspray everywhere? Doesn’t it take too long to mask off; is it worth it?

Tips and Tricks


  • By spraying we can achieve a solid seamless finish. Almost factory quality finish in a site environment.
  • Last year a client made a comment: “Why does your work look better than my previous decorator!”
  • We spray and back roller the last coat making touch ups less difficult (however some products just don’t touch up whether sprayed or hand painted)


  • Samples of Tapes from Decorating DirectTesting of products – why we choose the paints and products we use. Designer paints are 60% more expensive but are they 60% better than other paints?
  • Field testing of products given to us by suppliers to test (Decorating Direct);
  • Paint trials – recommendations from the USA;
  • We don’t compromise on products as these give us the overall finish – this is what you are left with to look at for years to come so why should you compromise!

ToolsPainter Decorator Kent - Tools - Servicing

  • Spray Machines – research on which machines and their uses;
  • Servicing of machines – stripping and repairing;
  • Using years of experience to overcome problems;
  • Use of dust free sanding – the investment is worth it. Using extractors and masks not only helps your health but also the environment you work in.

Case Studies

Spray Paint - Ling and Sons Builders - Tunbridge WellsUsing different projects to showcase different areas: e.g . scale, fitted furniture, problems overcome.


  • We use a systematic approach to decorating which increases productivity and efficiency.
  • We approach projects differently to traditional decorators – we mask and prep in the morning and spray last thing once all trades have left – this increases efficiency.

Recruitment & Training

We want to expand and recruit like-minded people. Taking on apprentices means that we can teach our systems on site whilst they learn the paperwork side at college.

Picture of the Team, TH Smith Construction - CouldonWe are always on the look out to add new members to the PaintTech team – “we need good people to make great decorators!”
We are always looking for new ways to do things and teach the team to implement these to make us as efficient as possible.


We monitor all aspects of each project. This not only helps with pricing but also helps to track the efficiency of a project and project time required on future projects.

It allows us to record time taken on new items such as bespoke fitted furniture for pricing future work.
Ask a decorator how long it takes to fill, prime, caulk or paint 100m of skirting – they have no idea!


Spray Paint - Painter Decorator Picture of house plans and pricingWe price the majority of projects on a m2 basis and split projects per area.
We can price off plan and follow on with a site visit before prices are confirmed and we start on site.

If there is anything you want to ask or would like us to cover then just email and we will try and do so.

As ever you will be able to see everything we are doing on Twitter, Facebook, You Tube & Google+ as well as on our website!

Spraying v’s Rollering – see it to believe it!

We are often asked by contractors how much time is actually saved by spraying! This has made us do time analysis, make videos and take pictures to show this on a visual basis as it easier to see the benefits.

We will be producing these on a more regular basis as projects allow as there is no better way to prove to people that Spray Paint Technology really does reduce the decorating project time dramatically and allow us to work closer to the completion of the project.

Spraying Walls

PicturePaintTech System
Set Up
Masking Woodwork
Filling & Sanding
Top Coats
Remove Masking
Clearing up

If the walls and ceilings were painted in the same colour at the same time then each area could be completed even quicker!

Rollering Walls

PictureTraditional Painting
Set Up
Cutting In
Filling & Sanding
Cutting In
Rollering Top Coats
Clearing Up

Time is lost in having to cut in internal corners and edges even though the preparation time is the same whether the walls are sprayed or rollered.

Graph showing time savings on a project with 584m2 of walling over 9 flats


We have produced this graph using the data from a recent project which had identical sized flats allowing us to spend time visualising the benefits of spraying.

You can see from the graph the amount of time that can be saved by spraying the walls alone but imagine the time savings that can be made when spraying ceilings and woodwork as well…..!

We have tried to demonstrate this time saving per area and then on the project as a whole – now image this saving on one of your projects!

Look out for our next blog which will be about the time saving when spraying woodwork.

PaintTech sprays to create the wow factor!

PictureWe have been working with Rosemary Ridgeway of April Hamilton Architectural and Interior Designers on various projects over the last 15 years and Rosemary has watched us evolve and change over this time.
We were approached to price for the decoration of a large family home in South London that was being renovated to a high specification. Rosemary wanted to use PaintTech mainly because of the Finish we achieve by using Spray Application.

Rosemary sent us plans, brief, design ideas and colours for us to start putting pricing together. We then carried out a site visit and met the main contractor to answer any questions before submitting a breakdown of prices, spec and timings for the project.

These kind of projects are organic because of their bespoke nature and therefore very often change along the way. Any changes are always discussed, priced and agreed whilst working on site to keep things moving.

As we got closer to the start date of this project it turned out that Speed was also going to be a major factor as the clients had a fixed moving date and the project was running over time. It was decided that we focus on the principle rooms in the house and the main contractors own decorating team completed all other remaining areas. Because of the timings, all trades had to work around one another so the schedule and timings were important.

We used spray application for the majority of the project including re painting existing fitted furniture, and hand painted some areas; including the candy stripe wall, circles and wipe clean wall in the playroom. All paints were chosen and specified by Rosemary in Designer Paints i.e Farrow & Ball and Little Green.

Benefits of Spraying: We believe that every project will benefit from PaintTech’s approach for 3 key reasons:

1. Speed (ability to cover larger areas in a shorter time frame)
2. Finish (superior finish to traditional brush and roller)
3. Budget
(reduced time = reduced cost) This project was no different! We completed within time, achieved a superior finish and in budget (with a few added extras).As we are a visual business we spend time on taking photographs throughout projects. These not only to give before and after images but shows our processes as well. We also take video’s to show the benefits of spray application over traditional painting and as you will see in the 2 videos below it is much quicker!

This video shows the speed of spraying over using the traditional brush and roller method – no contest!

This video shows the ability to spray multiple coats when converting dark paintwork to light. Multiple coats can be painted in a much quicker time.

2013 Round up


This year we have added 2 new members to the team that work well with us when we need them. They make working on projects fun whilst being productive and effective at the same time.We have spent time on training people to use the sprayers, explaining our systems and why we use them. We also spent money on new tools and equipment towards the end of the year allowing more people to use the new spraying and sanding machines and meaning that we can run more projects at the same time.Most importantly, we have been given the opportunity to work with 4 new Builders/Contractors this year. We have been able to use our systems and machines to show how we work differently to other decorating contractors and why.

We have thoroughly enjoyed working with new and existing contacts this year on some fantastic projects and would like to wish everyone all the best for 2014.

New Clients

PictureWe love working with new clients and spend time making sure we are as competitive as possible.

We work in an industry where there is a lot of competition so it is important for us to stand out.We have spent many years with the sprayers working on making projects as cost effective as possible and finding as many products available in the UK market to help us to do this.We use marketing tools such as twitter, facebook and google to help us as well as BNI Networking to promote PaintTech to other businesses.We offer introductory prices to not only entice new business but allow us to produce m2 pricing for each project which shows us whether we are realistic and accurate with our quoting systems.Send us project plans and you will be able to see where we place ourselves in the marker in terms of cost but have a look at our work and see where we place ourselves in terms of quality of work.

New Building Contractor – New Project


BNI Networking has bought in a diverse range of referrals for us. A referral from Nolan Sawyer of Pro Heating & Plumbing lead to our latest project in Herne Hill, London.This is a project run by Simon Dunning of Mono Ltd ( who are Building Contractors. Mono Ltd have created some fantastic extensions using glass and modern designs. Their website shows some of their work.Simon works with architects and private clients to provide solutions for south, west and central London clients. With an emphasis on detail and finish, they have an excellent reputation for providing a personal and meticulously planned service to clients establishing a list of repeat business and referrals. their ethos is to work collaboratively with clients, architects and suppliers to deliver an exceptional quality build on time and budget and with minimum disruption to all.

They are specialists in refurbishment of private residences and period properties including Extensions, basement conversions, loft conversions, complete refurbishments and general services.


We have been asked to take over all of the decorating work within the house, including fitted furniture and now the new hand painted kitchen.
The majority of this project is new plaster and we should be able to spray 95% of this project. We have been able to put our new sanding equipment to the test and this has proved to be a valuable investment as it has saved time on labour and materials.We will be posting pictures as the project progresses and will add the completed project to the website once we have finished it.

Contractors and PaintTech


The key benefits to contractors are:

  • Quick Turnaround/Speed
  • Cost/Budget
  • Volume/Area Covered

Smaller Team = less bodies on site = more productive

We get the same volume of work done in less time with less people on site.

Most trades laugh when we come onto site because of the time we spend masking and preparing, BUT by the time we leave they cannot believe how quickly we turned it around!

We have found that by preparing and masking throughout the day and spraying late afternoon we become more productive. Not only are there are less trades around to clash with but we still have enough drying time ready to start again the following day. The spraying is the quickest part of the process (as the videos show!)

Yes machines do break down but we been using Graco machines for a lot of years now and maintain them constantly. We hold some parts in stock and can normally get them back up and running in a short time. Failing that we have enough suppliers that can send one for the following day – much easier than finding human labour…

We offer 2 Options that work well for contractors:-


Option 1 – We take over the whole decorating project

We prepare, prime, mask and finish all wood trim, doors, ceilings, cornice and walls.

Walls can be finished in multiple finishes depending on the area or room using designer paints and colours such as Farrow & Ball, Little Green etc or using trade paints if there is a tighter budget.

The main cost saving area when dealing with woodwork is staircases and spindles. By using the sprayers the time is hugely reduced and therefore a cost saving can be made.

Ornate cornices also benefit from being sprayed rather than brush and roller. You can get into areas a paint brush struggles with.

You can see from this video the time it takes to spray doors; 1 min 30 seconds each coat and a flat factory style finish.

This video shows how quickly we can spray a ceiling achieving a completely flat solid finish.

To give the best price, each area should be clear of people and furniture but as we are well aware most projects don’t work this way. This is why we approach the project differently by preparing and masking during the day and spraying last thing.We like to come on site once all trades have completed 2nd fix. The only things left to do should be flooring once we have finished.

Ceilings – we mask and protect all lights, speakers, smoke alarms and early warning systems before spraying to give a superior solid, flat finish with no roller or brush marks.
Walls – we mask and protect all switches and sockets before painting in a finish appropriate to the area. We use durable paints when painting staircases and communal areas.
Wood Trim – this includes skirtings, architraves, doors, windows and staircases. These are sprayed in an acrylic satin finish unless specified otherwise.

Then we unwrap, clean and hand over each area completely finished!

The finish is seamless, quicker and within budget…

Painter Decorators Oxted

Option 2 – but we have our own decorator!

We have come across numerous contractors that already have a decorator on site and want to keep them busy. For us to speed up a project for the contractor we have found the benefit is the speed alone  not the budget or finish.The contractors decorator prepares and fills the areas then we take over to prime everything and paint the finishing coats on the wood trim and ceilings.This is usually done between 1st and 2nd fix and leaves the contractors decorator to complete the colour choices on the walls and finish.The wood trim (skirtings, architraves, windows, doors & Staircase) is the most time consuming; especially staircases and the 400 spindles x 3 coats and painful Georgian windows!! We can cut down the time to paint these by at least 1/3 and give a much better finish.