Is it easy to spray a kitchen with Intact?

The best kitchen so far! Bold statement I know..Well, we have sprayed a lot of kitchens over the years and we have always had great results, but then again that’s what we do well! Although we are very good with the sprayers and use systems to achieve high end finishes in a quick turn around the final outcome has always been governed by the paint’s on the market at the time.We have used pretty much

Is Intact what the decorating industry needs?

Is Intact what the Decorating Industry Needs? To be fair what I have always liked about Tikkurila is that they ask their customers good questions! I have been using Tikkurila paint for over 8 years now and am always surprised how much interaction the team have with their customers. This goes all the way from the shop floor to the top of the tree too. Not only do they want to know whats working but

Have you ever heard the saying “Paints just Paint”?

What paint should you be using in 2020.. Have you ever heard the saying “Paints just Paint”? Right, well let me tell you its not! The type of paint you use is crucial to lots of things, such as finish, durability, application and much much more.   If its not broke Yada, yada.. It’s now 2020 and it still surprises me how many decorators choose to use oil based paints over water based still.. Maybe

Respraying QE2 Dining Chairs in High Black Gloss

How to achieve the best high gloss finish, at PaintTech Decorators we have tried and tested a system to achieve flawless high gloss chairs, using Renner paints supplied by Symphony Coatings. PaintTech Decorators were asked to spray dining chairs from the QE2 these chairs had already had their upholstery restored. This can be a challenge sometimes but with our masking systems were able to protect the surface. We gave these chairs a lot of prep,

Spraying with Tikkurila Intact Primer & Intact 8

Intact is a new product from Tikkurila, claiming to be their most durable trim paint to date! Spraying Makes Sense gave it a run for its money when spraying a large kitchen on site. PaintTech Decorators tested Tikkurila Intact Primer and Intact 8 on a kitchen sprayed on-site. The finish of this product is very unique, I would describe it feeling like a polyurethane but different. We have been spraying kitchens for quite a while

Why we would never roller a ceiling again!

Firstly, why would you even consider accepting a rollered finish on a ceiling when you can get a flawless finish by spraying it? So: Roller or Sprayer?Well, for us it’s a no brainer as the difference in the finish is worlds apart. When using a roller you have to choose a roller that is of a good quality, the right size and the right pile/nap thickness as this can make a huge difference to the

PaintTech Decorators

Why use PaintTech Decorators for your project?

When looking for a decorating company to price a project for you, would you generally go on recommendation? Proof is in the pudding! This has been my mantra for many years now as I believe it says it all! When we stand tall and shout about how proud we are of our business and the level of quality we achieve –  it has to better than good ,it has to be amazing…When you strive to

Spraying Swimming Pool Ceilings

Why Spraying a Swimming Pool area makes for a better finish We were called in to sort out the painting We received a phone call from GS Decorating who we have worked with for a few years. They knew that we would be able to help rectify what had become a problematic ceiling in a swimming pool and bar complex. The ceiling had been traditionally painted but wasn’t up to the quality expected by the

What is important when looking for a decorator or painting contractor?

What is important when looking for a decorator? Quality We have been painting & decorating for over 25 years and although price is the most talked about subject we have found that our clients are ultimately more focused on the quality of the finished result. They are in business themselves and clearly understand that no matter what business “you get what you pay for” so when choosing the right decorator they will inevitably be looking

PaintTech & Tikkurilla – the perfect combo!

We are constantly testing products both currently on the market or new to the market, looking for the best products to work with our systems. We research and test products in a real time environment to make sure they will work as we need them to and replace or dismiss ones that work or don’t!. We met Ben Adams of Valtti through LinkedIn who sent us a selection of products from Tikkurilla to test. We used them

Tritech Sprayers and why PaintTech recommends them!

We were approached by Aristospray who are the UK’s exclusive importers of American designed, engineered and manufactured TriTech Airless spray machines after the Painting & Decorating show at the end of last year, they wanted us to trial one of their machines to see our thoughts. We have been spraying for over 20 years and have worked hard promoting ourselves to small and medium sizes house builders/developers as decorating contractors who predominantly spray as we have developed

Holland Park project completed for Hare & Humphreys

Why use PaintTech? How are we different to other painting companies? Well the difference is we are spray painting contractors therefore we can complete projects in a shorter time frame but with a far superior finish too! Also look at our video’s to see how PaintTech Decorators could be of benefit to you and your clients. This is the proof that most contractors are looking for – using spray machines, efficient systems and products help us achieve great

BNI Westerham Networking & our experience

Networking = Confidence & Clarity We were asked to write a guest blog for the BNI Westerham new website launch. Each month a member is going to write about their experience of BNI, why they got involved in a chapter and how it has helped their business. Here is my experience thus far! As a member of BNI for 3 years the main benefits for me and my company are being involved in a group

Picture of the PaintTech Team, TH Smith Construction - Couldon

Aims, Goals and Aspirations for this year

We have had a great start to the year so far and have worked with some great contractors. We have recently started working with Zenwave on building our website and blogs to increase awareness in the industry about spray paint technology. We would love to be a resource in the industry to be able to inform Builders, Architects & fellow painters of the benefits of spraying. We will be putting together blogs throughout the year

Spraying v’s Rollering – see it to believe it!

We are often asked by contractors how much time is actually saved by spraying! This has made us do time analysis, make videos and take pictures to show this on a visual basis as it easier to see the benefits. We will be producing these on a more regular basis as projects allow as there is no better way to prove to people that Spray Paint Technology really does reduce the decorating project time dramatically

PaintTech sprays to create the wow factor!

We have been working with Rosemary Ridgeway of April Hamilton Architectural and Interior Designers on various projects over the last 15 years and Rosemary has watched us evolve and change over this time. We were approached to price for the decoration of a large family home in South London that was being renovated to a high specification. Rosemary wanted to use PaintTech mainly because of the Finish we achieve by using Spray Application. Rosemary sent

2013 Round up

This year we have added 2 new members to the team that work well with us when we need them. They make working on projects fun whilst being productive and effective at the same time.We have spent time on training people to use the sprayers, explaining our systems and why we use them. We also spent money on new tools and equipment towards the end of the year allowing more people to use the new

New Clients

We love working with new clients and spend time making sure we are as competitive as possible. We work in an industry where there is a lot of competition so it is important for us to stand out.We have spent many years with the sprayers working on making projects as cost effective as possible and finding as many products available in the UK market to help us to do this.We use marketing tools such as

New Building Contractor – New Project

BNI Networking has bought in a diverse range of referrals for us. A referral from Nolan Sawyer of Pro Heating & Plumbing lead to our latest project in Herne Hill, London.This is a project run by Simon Dunning of Mono Ltd ( who are Building Contractors. Mono Ltd have created some fantastic extensions using glass and modern designs. Their website shows some of their work.Simon works with architects and private clients to provide solutions for

Pricing Off Plans

We have spent time working on M2 prices for projects to try and make pricing more systematic and standardised. If you have a project that you would like us to price based on plans that you have then send us an email with as much information as possible and we will look at them for you.

Contractors and PaintTech

The key benefits to contractors are: Quick Turnaround/Speed Cost/Budget Volume/Area Covered Smaller Team = less bodies on site = more productive We get the same volume of work done in less time with less people on site. Most trades laugh when we come onto site because of the time we spend masking and preparing, BUT by the time we leave they cannot believe how quickly we turned it around! We have found that by preparing and masking throughout the

Catford School Project with CFT Flooring Ltd

Completed Classroom at a School working with CFT Flooring Ltd Half Term is the perfect time to think about re-decorating a school. With no children around we could have all the areas to ourselves. This project came from CFT Flooring Ltd ( who we have met through BNI Westerham and was the first time that we have worked together with them on site. This was phase 1 of a project that we were asked to

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