Catford School Project with CFT Flooring Ltd

Completed Classroom at a School working with CFT Flooring Ltd
Completed Classroom at a School working with CFT Flooring Ltd

Half Term is the perfect time to think about re-decorating a school. With no children around we could have all the areas to ourselves.

This project came from CFT Flooring Ltd ( who we have met through BNI Westerham and was the first time that we have worked together with them on site. This was phase 1 of a project that we were asked to complete over February half term whilst the school was closed.

This was a huge project to get done in a short period of time but with the team we have we made it work.

Most of the existing paint work was oil based so we had to prime most areas to enable us to paint with safer and more modern water based paints.

The original brief was 2 Classrooms, Dining Hall, Entrance Gates, Side Gate and Pagoda. Each area was having a colour change to brighten and clean it up.

Closer to the start date we were asked to do another Classroom and then once started we were asked to paint the walls only in another hall.

We worked along side CFT Flooring Ltd as they had all the flooring in each area to replace so had to work around and liaise with them whilst working on the project.

It was a hard week but the project was completed on time and the school are very pleased with the results and very complimentary about our work ethic and the quality of the finish.

Hopefully phase 2 will come in the summer holidays.

This is a video of us spraying the windows in one of the classrooms. The windows were originally painted in Gloss and we used primers to allow us to use safer water based products. The glass was masked off to protect it and we sprayed 1 coat on the whole window in 51 seconds.


This video shows us spraying the ceiling in an area that is only accessible by a scaffold tower. This would be much harder to do with brush and roller but the spray machine makes it look so easy…


This video shows again how much quicker it is to spray awkward shaped areas at height.

Please feel free to contact us with any projects you may have. We can price off plan or come and do a site visit. Either email us on or phone Ian on 07973 369872.

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