Aims, Goals and Aspirations for this year

Picture of the PaintTech Team, TH Smith Construction - Couldon

Paint Tech - Picture of a door - Mormac Construction - Welling, KentWe have had a great start to the year so far and have worked with some great contractors. We have recently started working with Zenwave on building our website and blogs to increase awareness in the industry about spray paint technology. We would love to be a resource in the industry to be able to inform Builders, Architects & fellow painters of the benefits of spraying.

We will be putting together blogs throughout the year on various subjects including:

Common Questions asked by clients and Contractors:

Can we touch it up? Is it a better finish than the traditional way? Is it quicker? Don’t you get overspray everywhere? Doesn’t it take too long to mask off; is it worth it?

Tips and Tricks


  • By spraying we can achieve a solid seamless finish. Almost factory quality finish in a site environment.
  • Last year a client made a comment: “Why does your work look better than my previous decorator!”
  • We spray and back roller the last coat making touch ups less difficult (however some products just don’t touch up whether sprayed or hand painted)


  • Samples of Tapes from Decorating DirectTesting of products – why we choose the paints and products we use. Designer paints are 60% more expensive but are they 60% better than other paints?
  • Field testing of products given to us by suppliers to test (Decorating Direct);
  • Paint trials – recommendations from the USA;
  • We don’t compromise on products as these give us the overall finish – this is what you are left with to look at for years to come so why should you compromise!

ToolsPainter Decorator Kent - Tools - Servicing

  • Spray Machines – research on which machines and their uses;
  • Servicing of machines – stripping and repairing;
  • Using years of experience to overcome problems;
  • Use of dust free sanding – the investment is worth it. Using extractors and masks not only helps your health but also the environment you work in.

Case Studies

Spray Paint - Ling and Sons Builders - Tunbridge WellsUsing different projects to showcase different areas: e.g . scale, fitted furniture, problems overcome.


  • We use a systematic approach to decorating which increases productivity and efficiency.
  • We approach projects differently to traditional decorators – we mask and prep in the morning and spray last thing once all trades have left – this increases efficiency.

Recruitment & Training

We want to expand and recruit like-minded people. Taking on apprentices means that we can teach our systems on site whilst they learn the paperwork side at college.

Picture of the Team, TH Smith Construction - CouldonWe are always on the look out to add new members to the PaintTech team – “we need good people to make great decorators!”
We are always looking for new ways to do things and teach the team to implement these to make us as efficient as possible.


We monitor all aspects of each project. This not only helps with pricing but also helps to track the efficiency of a project and project time required on future projects.

It allows us to record time taken on new items such as bespoke fitted furniture for pricing future work.
Ask a decorator how long it takes to fill, prime, caulk or paint 100m of skirting – they have no idea!


Spray Paint - Painter Decorator Picture of house plans and pricingWe price the majority of projects on a m2 basis and split projects per area.
We can price off plan and follow on with a site visit before prices are confirmed and we start on site.

If there is anything you want to ask or would like us to cover then just email and we will try and do so.

As ever you will be able to see everything we are doing on Twitter, Facebook, You Tube & Google+ as well as on our website!

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