Why we would never roller a ceiling again!

Firstly, why would you even consider accepting a rollered finish on a ceiling when you can get a flawless finish by spraying it?

So: Roller or Sprayer?

Well, for us it’s a no brainer as the difference in the finish is worlds apart. When using a roller you have to choose a roller that is of a good quality, the right size and the right pile/nap thickness as this can make a huge difference to the finish you get. Once you have chosen the roller you then have to drag a big paint tray around, get paint drips and splatter on dust sheets. What you also need to take into account is the time it takes to climb up and down the ladder cutting in around the perimeter of the ceiling, around every light which takes quite a while to say the least! Now add the time to roller the whole ceiling working around the lights so no wonder you see skips, misses and blending of a textured roller finish into a smooth brushed finish.

But Spraying all the rage so you would say that?

The joke is that the sprayer was around over 53 years before the roller was even invented so don’t fall into that trap. The technology has been around for over 125 years which in my mind speaks volumes. Think about how many surfaces that are sprayed against how many receive a roller finish? To be honest we are the last trade to pick up this technology to give our clients a fantastic finish.

You don't want it sprayed as it goes everywhere!

Absolutely right.. Alot of decorators who are new to spraying will have no practical experience, training or even a certification in the right use of a sprayer so beware.

We not only have over 25 years experience but we also have a City & Guilds Certificate in Airless Spraying. More that that actually as we put together the spraying training with Pete Wilkinson and run PaintTech Training Academy with 5 centres across the UK and Ireland.

We teach decorators how to use the machines safely and with control so you don’t have to experience the nightmare of what can go wrong when decorators try spraying on your projects at over 2500psi!!!

Surely its not worth all the time masking off?

As a home owner wouldn’t you want you kitchen, media unit or your belongings completely covered over? Not just to protect from the paint but also from all the filling and sanding. We protect your home from the dust whether it be from paint or filler, it’s still your home and we want to leave it spotless when we are finished.

Polish a Turd!

Surely you have all heard this expression?  But here is the counter argument – “no but you can roll it in Glitter!!”

 There is a down side to spraying your ceilings instead of rollering them though: when you give such a flawless and perfectly flat ceiling it will show up every imperfection unfortunately. Believe it or not I have had someone suggest the best option is to add a slight textured pattern to the ceiling in the hope of hiding the problems beneath –  this is what we call “polishing a turd”!!!

But you can't touch up a sprayed ceiling?

Too true, for over 25 years we have never managed to touch up a ceiling when it’s got lots of light streaming in from a big bay window or a huge set of Bifold doors; but then neither has a decorator with a brush or roller!?

Why? Simply put it’s because of the paint choice. We use tried and tested paints from all over the globe; from Germany, America, Finland and others from places you wouldn’t believe. We are always searching for the ultimate paint, one where we can complete a project and know that if and when we return to resolve a problem we know we have the best system and product to achieve the best result.

So yes, most times  we are able to touch up ceilings now and not have a problem.

Is your car finished with a roller?

No it’s not and the though would make you cringe, yet you live in your home looking at walls and ceilings accepting that its the norm -well it’s not or at least it shouldn’t be.

We have been spraying all of our ceilings not matter the size or detail for over 20 years for a clear reason; they look incredible all the time every time.

The pictures and videos are “proof in the Pudding”. Don’t accept a lesser finish within your own home, you deserve better and you have worked hard enough for it.

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