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BNI Networking has bought in a diverse range of referrals for us. A referral from Nolan Sawyer of Pro Heating & Plumbing lead to our latest project in Herne Hill, London.This is a project run by Simon Dunning of Mono Ltd ( who are Building Contractors. Mono Ltd have created some fantastic extensions using glass and modern designs. Their website shows some of their work.Simon works with architects and private clients to provide solutions for south, west and central London clients. With an emphasis on detail and finish, they have an excellent reputation for providing a personal and meticulously planned service to clients establishing a list of repeat business and referrals. their ethos is to work collaboratively with clients, architects and suppliers to deliver an exceptional quality build on time and budget and with minimum disruption to all.

They are specialists in refurbishment of private residences and period properties including Extensions, basement conversions, loft conversions, complete refurbishments and general services.


We have been asked to take over all of the decorating work within the house, including fitted furniture and now the new hand painted kitchen.
The majority of this project is new plaster and we should be able to spray 95% of this project. We have been able to put our new sanding equipment to the test and this has proved to be a valuable investment as it has saved time on labour and materials.We will be posting pictures as the project progresses and will add the completed project to the website once we have finished it.

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