New Clients

PictureWe love working with new clients and spend time making sure we are as competitive as possible.

We work in an industry where there is a lot of competition so it is important for us to stand out.We have spent many years with the sprayers working on making projects as cost effective as possible and finding as many products available in the UK market to help us to do this.We use marketing tools such as twitter, facebook and google to help us as well as BNI Networking to promote PaintTech to other businesses.We offer introductory prices to not only entice new business but allow us to produce m2 pricing for each project which shows us whether we are realistic and accurate with our quoting systems.Send us project plans and you will be able to see where we place ourselves in the marker in terms of cost but have a look at our work and see where we place ourselves in terms of quality of work.

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