PaintTech sprays to create the wow factor!

PictureWe have been working with Rosemary Ridgeway of April Hamilton Architectural and Interior Designers on various projects over the last 15 years and Rosemary has watched us evolve and change over this time.
We were approached to price for the decoration of a large family home in South London that was being renovated to a high specification. Rosemary wanted to use PaintTech mainly because of the Finish we achieve by using Spray Application.

Rosemary sent us plans, brief, design ideas and colours for us to start putting pricing together. We then carried out a site visit and met the main contractor to answer any questions before submitting a breakdown of prices, spec and timings for the project.

These kind of projects are organic because of their bespoke nature and therefore very often change along the way. Any changes are always discussed, priced and agreed whilst working on site to keep things moving.

As we got closer to the start date of this project it turned out that Speed was also going to be a major factor as the clients had a fixed moving date and the project was running over time. It was decided that we focus on the principle rooms in the house and the main contractors own decorating team completed all other remaining areas. Because of the timings, all trades had to work around one another so the schedule and timings were important.

We used spray application for the majority of the project including re painting existing fitted furniture, and hand painted some areas; including the candy stripe wall, circles and wipe clean wall in the playroom. All paints were chosen and specified by Rosemary in Designer Paints i.e Farrow & Ball and Little Green.

Benefits of Spraying: We believe that every project will benefit from PaintTech’s approach for 3 key reasons:

1. Speed (ability to cover larger areas in a shorter time frame)
2. Finish (superior finish to traditional brush and roller)
3. Budget
(reduced time = reduced cost) This project was no different! We completed within time, achieved a superior finish and in budget (with a few added extras).As we are a visual business we spend time on taking photographs throughout projects. These not only to give before and after images but shows our processes as well. We also take video’s to show the benefits of spray application over traditional painting and as you will see in the 2 videos below it is much quicker!

This video shows the speed of spraying over using the traditional brush and roller method – no contest!

This video shows the ability to spray multiple coats when converting dark paintwork to light. Multiple coats can be painted in a much quicker time.

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