Spraying v’s Rollering – see it to believe it!

We are often asked by contractors how much time is actually saved by spraying! This has made us do time analysis, make videos and take pictures to show this on a visual basis as it easier to see the benefits.

We will be producing these on a more regular basis as projects allow as there is no better way to prove to people that Spray Paint Technology really does reduce the decorating project time dramatically and allow us to work closer to the completion of the project.

Spraying Walls

PicturePaintTech System
Set Up
Masking Woodwork
Filling & Sanding
Top Coats
Remove Masking
Clearing up

If the walls and ceilings were painted in the same colour at the same time then each area could be completed even quicker!

Rollering Walls

PictureTraditional Painting
Set Up
Cutting In
Filling & Sanding
Cutting In
Rollering Top Coats
Clearing Up

Time is lost in having to cut in internal corners and edges even though the preparation time is the same whether the walls are sprayed or rollered.

Graph showing time savings on a project with 584m2 of walling over 9 flats


We have produced this graph using the data from a recent project which had identical sized flats allowing us to spend time visualising the benefits of spraying.

You can see from the graph the amount of time that can be saved by spraying the walls alone but imagine the time savings that can be made when spraying ceilings and woodwork as well…..!

We have tried to demonstrate this time saving per area and then on the project as a whole – now image this saving on one of your projects!

Look out for our next blog which will be about the time saving when spraying woodwork.

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