Benefits of Spraying: We believe that every project will benefit from PaintTech’s approach for 2 key reasons:

1. Speed (ability to cover larger areas in a shorter time frame)
2. Finish (superior finish to traditional brush and roller)

1. Speed

speed paint

By using a technical approach to decorating we are able to reduce the time it takes to prepare and paint.

We try to reduce the inconvenience of having trades in your home by being there for less time. From a clients perspective the hardest area to decorate is a hall, stairs and landing. We use dust free power sanders for preparation to reduce the cleaning and research the best primers and products for each area. Once an area is set up, prepared and protected then spindles for example can be sprayed in a fraction of the time compared to hand painting and to a higher quality finish.

Whilst working on new build projects we are able to spray a large volume of paint in multiple coats in a shorter time. This means that for builders we can come in prior to first fix and prime all new plaster. We would then come back after 1st fix and spray all the woodwork, ceilings and walls. You could even use your own decorators to do all the preparation work for us and have them finish the walls.

You can see from the video below the time it takes to paint 5 doors. These doors started off in solid oak and were primed and spray painted in Farrow & Ball Estate Eggshell. You would not be able to hand paint the doors in that same time frame or achieve the same finish.

2. Finish 

finish paint
Spray Painting gives a more even finish compared to brush and roller. On skirtings, architrave and doors the finish looks smoother and completely flat. You don’t get the bobbling on walls that you can get with a roller or the brush marks from cutting in the ceilings and walls.
We have spent many years using traditional painting methods, working on new ways to create a better finish when painting with flat colour. One of the reasons we decided to specialise in spray painting was because the finish is far more superior and gives a much more solid look.This photograph is of a bedroom in conjunction with an Interior Designer for a client in Bromley. Every part of the room from base plaster, new doors, iconic radiators and hardwood trim were sprayed at every stage. We didn’t use a brush or a roller at all and the finish was fantastic!

Protection is key to achieving the confidence with clients

We have been spraying for over 12 years and have seen huge changes in the UK over the past few years alone.We spend a lot of time researching and testing the range of products on offer to us in the UK and are regularly talking to contractors in the USA who are ahead of us in terms of the ranges of products and number of suppliers available. We keep use Google+, Twitter and Forums to keep in touch with other skilled Contractors. They let us know products they have tested in the USA and even send samples to try if they are not available here.
We use the latest UV tapes and masking papers, statically charged plastic drop down sheeting, corrugated floor protection and carpet plastics – we very rarely use dust sheets any more.We focus not only on protecting the clients furnishings and carpets but also on protecting the areas already sprayed to prevent over-spray. A lot of our initial time on site is spent masking and protecting areas we are not spraying but once this is done the spraying is the fastest part of the project.

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