Spraying Swimming Pool Ceilings

We have been painting & decorating for over 25 years and although price is the most talked about subject we have found that our clients are ultimately more focused on the quality of the finished result.

Why Spraying a Swimming Pool area makes for a better finish

We were called in to sort out the painting

We received a phone call from GS Decorating who we have worked with for a few years. They knew that we would be able to help rectify what had become a problematic ceiling in a swimming pool and bar complex. The ceiling had been traditionally painted but wasn’t up to the quality expected by the clients.

This project was in The Boltons, Chelsea and can be a challenge for a lot of decorating firms, not only because of the parking issues but because of the extremely high standards that come with such a prestigious London postcode.

Why did they call PaintTech Decorators?

They call us because we specialise in spraying paint on site without the disruption and problems that can come with spraying if you don’t have the experience. Not only have we been spraying in peoples homes and on site for over 20 years, we are the leaders in teaching other decorators to use spray machines in the right way at our training academies so yes, we do know how it should and can be done.

Choose the right paint for the job..

When we met the client on site we could clearly see the problems they were having and why.. The sheer expanse and awkwardness of the access meant that it would be virtually unachievable using traditional methods of brush and roller. Add in the additional issues of the product that had been specified which, although on paper seemed a great choice to deal with high humidity it was clearly a nightmare to get an even finish.

We suggested spraying the area with a product from Zinsser that we had used a few times with great success, no problems or comebacks.

How long would it take?

Well, we measured up the area and went through a few access logistics which was agreed. We then scheduled a date and time to complete the project with the client. The contractors on site prepared the area prior to us arriving and we agreed to spray late in the afternoon on the first day, this was to help with access and to ensure a clear area for both ourselves and the other trades still working on the project. We expected to have the job wrapped up in a couple of evenings all being well.

So, what spray machine is best for this kind of project?

We turned up with one of our Graco spray machines. We chose this because it can handle two guns spraying at the same time. We cracked open the tubs of Zinsser paint, mixed everything together to make sure we had enough for the first coat and got started. We chose a fine finish 618 tip on both guns and the reason for running two was that we needed to keep a wet edge for as long as possible. We also had a third member of the team who made sure that the sprayer was kept topped up with paint at all times.

We left for the paint to dry overnight and agreed to be back the following day.

Spraying and getting a flawless finish isn't easy

We returned on the second day, we had to sort a few minor issues where the filler that the contractors had used was flashing through and a few runs because the access to some areas was awkward. These were quickly rectified, we re-evaluated our systems and agreed on another plan. Taking our time, we got stuck in and completed the job in just a few hours whilst the area was clear and quiet. 

It was looking great, we had a nice wet consistent film across the whole area. We called it a night and agreed that one of us would return first thing in the morning to double check everything and make sure it had dried perfectly and the client was happy.

It looked great!!

The picture speak for themselves, we were really happy with the results, it was great to be able to resolve the problem with as little disruption as possible so was the client was really happy..

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