What is important when looking for a decorator or painting contractor?

We have been painting & decorating for over 25 years and although price is the most talked about subject we have found that our clients are ultimately more focused on the quality of the finished result.

What is important when looking for a decorator?


We have been painting & decorating for over 25 years and although price is the most talked about subject we have found that our clients are ultimately more focused on the quality of the finished result. They are in business themselves and clearly understand that no matter what business “you get what you pay for” so when choosing the right decorator they will inevitably be looking for consistently high quality results at a good price. Granted, we can all fake it but at some point you have to deliver – “proofs in the pudding”

So when choosing a decorator look for someone who has a good existing  client base producing exceptional results consistently – this will give you confidence that you are choosing the right person.


One comment we often get is

“You can only spray on building sites!”

We have perfected spraying in a residential property and on site so to us it makes no difference as the same care and attention is taken.  When you are spraying, trust me if something goes wrong it really goes wrong so to be aware and prepared is very important. 

The quality of the final finish is the most important outcome. When you have doors that are perfect because they have no brush marks or runs as we have the sprayer delivering just the right amount of paint flawlessly every time you start to wonder; why doesn’t everyone do it this way.

We have been doing this a long time now and have mastered these systems to work on every project and size so don’t worry if you think its only for big building sites because it isn’t!


If your a home owner then you love the idea of the decorator turning up to repaint your home and make everything look fresh and new, but to be honest you love it more when we leave and get your home back to normal.

You hate the disruption – Having us in your home for weeks on end is enough to drive you crazy, but because of the spraying systems we have created we are all finished, tidied up and gone in half the time than traditional decorating which allows you to get back to normal so much quicker.

If you don’t believe us have a look at this fun video of us doing a Pepsi challenge of spraying vs brushing doors.

Builders and developers want the job finished – When we finally get on site it always feels like a mad rush to get finished and it usually is! You find that all the trades are now working on top of each other and the overal finish on the project can be compromised.

So, being able to have a smaller team of sprayers instead of a large team of traditional decorators we can get through a lot of area with less disruption to the other trades. We have built our spray systems into phases to help you manage the project better.

We ask you and the trades what time they finish on average and we usually start spraying just as they leave. This allows them to carry on and us to get the prep work done leaving the spraying till the end of the day. We still leave at the same time and allow the paint to settle and dry ready for the morning.

Price - if it's quicker then it has to be cheaper surely?


We get that a lot from builders & developers but rarely from clients as they are afraid that the extra quality will cost more – to be honest NO, it doesn’t! 

Firstly, we achieve more benefit by using highly efficient systems to help you as a builder. I am sure that when you have to dig your footings you jump on the digger and not grab a spade!? Same principle really – high efficiency.

We don’t charge any more for the higher quality and less disruption because again, being efficient allows us to complete more work in less time to a higher level. This is what sets us apart from the competition but still allows us to be competitive and more flexible. We find that when it comes to pricing we are and always have been very competitive.

But will the painting fit within my budget?

We have found ways to streamline the pricing process for yourselves and the turn around from enquiring to finding out what the price is very quickly.

So, if you are a builder or client and have a set of plans for your project then send them over via email to info@painttech-uk.com and we will send back a Budget quote based on the information. If the initial price fits around your budget then we arrange meet up and discuss the project in more depth and see if we need to make any alterations.

We are extremely transparent and very open so just ask; “ you don’t get if you don’t ask” and because of the systems we created there is always more chance of working around potential problems.

Can I send over some photos to you?

If you are a client and have a kitchen or smaller project and would like a rough idea of cost then send over some pictures for us have a look at. We may need a phone conversation to discuss any questions we may have before giving you a price.

The simplicity of getting an idea of costs is what is important at the early stages. It helps build trust & confidence moving forward and then we can discuss it further in person via email or spend some time at your home or on your project.

Do I get any guarantees?

Yes you get 3!…

1. We guarantee you will find someone cheaper

2. We also guarantee they will take twice as long

3. We guarantee they won’t deliver the finish we do

PLUS, as a company we clearly guarantee our service just like any successful business and thats why we are good at what we do.

We use products that yourself and to be honest most trades will have never heard of! This is because we want the best systems, paints and products from our clients so that we get great recommendations.

For any questions or if you would like to speak to us about a project then contact Ian on 07973 369872, fill out the contact for below or email us on info@painttech-uk.com


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