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The problem we see in the construction industry is that when you have multiple trades on site, for example plumbers, electricians, carpenters  and then decorators  we find that work is often having to be repeated or repaired; it’s like oil and water, painters just don’t mix with other trades. This often results in longer project times, much slower productivity and also affects the final finish and overall quality of the work.

So, with our proven systems we overcome these problems. Spray Paint Technology reduces the decorating project time dramatically allowing us to work closer to the completion of the project. The benefit is that all other trades can complete their work and be far more productive but more importantly to you and your client we achieve a far superior finish in a shorter time.

Spraying also has huge benefits when painting ornate mouldings, staircases, ceilings and large areas of walling. We provide decorating services throughout London and the South East of England. We have also undertaken projects all over the UK, Europe and the Middle East. We take pride in our work and feel we deliver a quality service to our clients & contractors. We have over 20 years of experience working with private residential clients, commercial companies, builders, designers and architects.

Services and Skills

Over time we have completed various projects and have undertaken all aspects of decorating including: