This was a referral from Bartlett Joinery who product some amazing joinery work, not only on this project but others that we have worked on. This property was built by Mortimer Construction and built to a fantastic standard. The client was really hands on in terms of choosing colours, managing the timeframes and all the trades on site which really is not an easy task.

We worked on this project in stages meaning that we were working on the 1st floor whilst the ground floor was being finished by the builders then moved down to complete the ground floor once they were done. On a project of this size it is still efficient to work like this.

Our systems and the way we work means that clients can see the colours go on the walls after we have mist coated.  This works well as clients can see what the colour will look like on a larger area and if they are not happy with the colour this is easy to change before ceilings and woodwork are finished.

All ceilings and woodwork on this project were sprayed in white and then walls were mostly a copy of Farrow & Ball Shaded White.

The doors are stunning and were hand made by Bartlett Joinery with brass inlays. These were then sprayed by us with a lacquer to complete the look. We also varnished the handrail on the staircase but this was done by hand as it was one of the last things to go in.

Clients had purchased a sink unit for the downstairs WC but didn’t like the colour so asked us if we were able to paint it. Not a problem, this was painted in Caparol Haftprimer PU Satin in black then the detail handpainted with Ardenbrite gold and then antiqued which clients loved.

If you have a project like this that you would like us to give you a quote for then get in touch. All we need are some project plans and we can give you a budget quote.