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We have been painting and decorating for over 25 years and although price is the most talked about subject we’ve found that our clients are ultimately focused on the quality of the finished result. They are in business themselves and clearly understand that no matter what business “you get what you pay for” so when choosing the right Decorator they will inevitably be looking for great consistent high quality results, granted we can all fake it but at some point you have to deliver “proofs in the pudding”

So when you have a consistent client base with exceptional results it give you confidence in the choosing phase.

This is how PaintTech can be of benefit to you and your clients

Finish – using our systems, products and methods we can create a finish that is far superior than those able to be achieved using traditional methods. By spraying woodwork, furniture and doors will can achieve a near factory finish every time. 

Time – By using the spray machines we reduce the time we spend on site by more than half and avoid the “jumble” of contractors on the project at the same time. We split our projects into  “phases” and only come on site at the most productive time and the main reason for this is so trades can complete their work without us in the way and reduce the damage caused to our work.

Products – we test numerous paints for durability, coverage and touch up ability. We regularly test new products that come onto the market and will use the best paint that gives us all of the above. At the moment we are using paints imported from Finland which help us achieve a great finish that ticks all the right boxes. 

Pricing off architects plans – We are able to give clients a ball park figure by using architects plans before the build commences. Once the shell is up and plaster boarding starts then we can do a site visit and give a fixed cost that is only subject to alterations and additions.

Communication – we keep in contact with contractors prior to starting on site. We give timings for each of the phases and will turn up when the site is ready for us. This helps to eliminate any extras being charged because other trades will have a chance to complete or make any changes before we paint the next phase.

Team – we have a great team who work really well together. We take on staff based on personalities and train them to be great painters/sprayers. You will have a main point of contact on site and a team dedicated to giving clients the best finish in the best possible time.

What others have said

As a Principal Contractor we have worked with Painttech on several projects and will continue to do so. We have been thoroughly impressed with their professionalism, knowledge, and "here to help" attitude.
Sarah Wetton, Twenty Five
Commercial Director

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